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Float Like A Butterfly

Music, News, The Album,

and Supporting Charity

Welcome to the “Float like a butterfly” Home page.

The album is complete, thanks to the effort and quality of vocalists and musicians who have been good enough to lend their time and talent to the project. Great fun working with you all.


Most people visiting this page may know it’s a musical project which charts the life, career and associated times of the late and legendary Muhammad Ali.


I was asked a number of times about plans for “Float like a Butterfly” once complete, during the timescale of its making and recording.


Initially the plan, and hence my answer, was only – let’s get finished then I’ll be able to give it some thought.


However, Ali’s passing in June 2016, at a time when were nearly there, led to the immediate removal of any thought of promotion of the CD as a commercial venture. I came to the view that, in what was being created, we should both respect and reflect the values and wishes espoused by the man, instead utilising the “Float like a Butterfly” project, if at all possible, as a means of achieving something useful.

So to coincide with completion of the album, I have set up a Just Giving site at to enable recipients of it, should they so wish, to donate towards the work of Cure Parkinsons Trust. More about that on my Charity page.

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